The first ‘CARE’ VIDEOS ever made in the uk.

  • BLACK and IN CARE was made in 1984. It deals with racism in the care system. It was pivotal in bringing the issue of race to the fore in Social Services. It led to the Black and In Care Conference which saw a frundamental shift in Social Work practise.

  • SPEAK OUT was made at a Camp Site in 1986. It covers most of the majors issues of life in care. And is the first of its kind to convey the diverse views of young people in care ever. It follwos many of the National Assn Young People In Care policies that went before parliament and impacted heavily on the Children’s Act 1989.
  • CAREFREE was made in a Children’s Home in the East End of London. Tired of being misrepresented and their own experience appropriated by the media these young actor set out to tell the stories of other people in the care system through their performances.